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We Help Pioneering Marketing Agencies Streamline Their Inhouse Operations, Using Custom Build AI Systems

Empowering Marketing Agencies to Stay Innovative Without Technical Expertise

Our Process

System Diagnosis

We'll  jump on a call with you understand the current bottlenecks in your system operations and prescribe an enhancement

AI Integration

We'll seamlessly integrate our AI solutions into your existing system, whilst you focus on getting the best results for your clients


We'll continue to consult you on the best practices and how to ensure you're leveraging AI efficiently in your agency

Our Background

We've coupled our niche understanding of the Agency Space Alongside our technical capabilities

By Agency Owners -> For Agency Owners

We've worked in & been surrounded by large scale marketing agencies.
We understand in depth the pain points & restraints that holds you back from growing.

Deep AI Knowledge

We're a small team of AI Engineers and consultants based in the UK & US.
We've worked at top software companies and have deep knowledge in the AI & Software field.

$650K +
Opportunities created
Agencies Consulted
12+ years
combined experience in the AI industry

How We've Helped Others Like You

We turn your existing inhouse system into a AI Growth Engine.
We've worked alongside many agencies and helped them streamline their processes

AI Auto Reconcile Financial Tracking Dashboard

We built a full scale in-house tool for our client Bradley, automating various daily processes at this agency.

Able to greatly increase agency profit margins and efficiency as he could easily understand his metrics on a per client basis

Allowed his agency to better forecast potential earnings in the future & what was necessary to achieve such goals

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AI Client Onboarding System

We built an automated client onboarding system for our Client Lawe which automates his onboarding process when new clients fill out a form.

Automated away 15 hours/week of manual tasks by creating a simple pipeline for onboarding new clients

Saved over $2000 a month on salary costs that would have otherwise gone to VAs to complete tasks and check manual processes

30% increase in monthly revenue as a result of a more systemised & in-depth onboarding process

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Chat With Your Internal Data

We built a custom in-house chatbot for Kelvin, allowing him to talk with his internal data in Slack, Notion & Google Drive

Maximised his client fulfilment as the custom chatbot was able to give contextualised information based on their internal data

Saved $1000 a month on usage cost from NoCode tools that were ever increasing as his agency began to scale

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What People Have To Say

"Our experience with Levvio was transformative. As an e-commerce marketing agency, our onboarding process was crucial but cumbersome. With their expertise in AI and automation, they streamlined our procedures, making the journey seamless for both us and our clients.
Highly recommend!"



"Working with Andrew has been a breath of fresh air for our fulfillment process. Their expertise brought efficiency to every step, resulting in happier clients and smoother operations overall. We're thrilled with the improvements they've made!"

Luke Dalton

Exalt Studios

"Andrew & the team at Levvio has been invaluable to our agency. As we scaled, managing internal operations became daunting. Thanks to their guidance, we optimised our processes, ensuring efficiency even as we welcomed more clients!"


Bedri Consulting

"With Andrew's expertise, we've been able to refocus our efforts on the needle-moving parts of our business. Before, we were bogged down by mundane tasks that consumed our time and energy. Now, thanks to their AI solutions, we've reclaimed our focus on growth and innovation!"


UGC Club

"What a game-changer! With our new custom chatbot solution, we revolutionised our internal data communication. Our ability to converse with our data has streamlined our decision-making process, empowering us to make informed choices swiftly.


Mr Brown Solutions

"Thanks to Levvio, we've completely transformed how we operate. We simply can't imagine going back to our old methods. Their impact on our operations has been nothing short of remarkable."

Seun Utulu

Mansa Marketing

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